I craft software to bring people joy.

I believe that technology fosters connection and opportunity so long as we remain, above all, focused upon the people our work is intended to enrich.

I learn new concepts quickly. I have experience learning new languages and frameworks from scratch. Initial bewilderment is my jam. I am passionate about open source, Internet privacy, and programming education. I enjoy learning and helping others learn to code.

Tech I know

  • Use Every Day: JavaScript, HTML & CSS, SQL, Google Cloud Platform (particularly App Engine, BigQuery, Compute, and Cloud functions), custom Stripe & PayPal integrations

  • Use Every Week: NodeJS & Express, Python, Docker, PHP, Bash

  • Side Projects & Learning: React+Redux, MongoDB, React Native, Flutter

I am active on GitHub and StackOverflow and a proud graduate of freeCodeCamp.

I currently hack remotely for AdBlock as a Full-Stack Developer.